70,000 Thank Yous

The 70,000 Thank You’s Project began in 2012 and, just as life does, has evolved along the way. The intention of this project is gratitude, specifically for every dollar my education is worth. This project has 5 different sets of inventory, each created in gratitude. After expenses, this inventory will be worth the amount of my student loans. I am almost finished with all of the inventory that completes the creating part of this project, and wish to share the last part of this journey with others. It has taken some time to decide on the final “thank you”, and now I am challenging myself to complete this project by the end of summer 2019. I will be painting 20 oil paintings of the sky and clouds, each 36″ x 60″, from now until then. Stay tuned for updates from the studio!

Below are 30″ x 40″ acrylic paintings, screen printed stars, 3-D Paper Monsters, and some of the new cloud paintings – all part of this project’s inventory.