Mini Motion Meditations

It is with great excitement that tell you my brand new book is now available through the Apple iBook store! Please, check it out and let me know what you think!

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Book Cover

“This 100 page gem is quite poetry. Simple, calming, and uniquely transcendent. Photographs taken on a 2005 camera phone ask the reader to pause, and take in the shapes, colors, and blurred lines in the pages of this soon to be released iBook.”

We don’t usually think of traveling as a means of meditation. In fact, we may think of it as the opposite. However, in this book of small photos, movement has been suspended, and our minds are able to take in the moment, extending it, living within it longer than we might otherwise be compelled to do. These tiny windows of light create a space in which we are able to stop, breath, and just be.

-Angela Hed Vincent